Trip Information: Tuesday 23rd – Sunday 28th April

The fabulous weather helped to make last weeks Easter trips really memorable. Wonderful scenery with lots of wildlife sightings, especially seals at the moment, and some chocolate eggs ! Here is what we are doing next week.

Tuesday 23rd: All trips available, ring Chris to discuss.
Wednesday 24th: 2 hours Creags trip, 10am departure.
Thursday 25th: Provisional half day Loch Etive, 10am start.
Friday 26th: All trips available.
Saturday 27th: Private Charter. Sorry NO trips today.
Sunday 28th: All trips available…where will you go ?

Lismore Lighthouse by Etive Boat Trips
Lismore Lighthouse

Trip Information: Monday 15th – Monday 22nd April

Had some good trips this week with some fantastic Spring weather. Here is the current schedule for next week:-

Monday 15th April: Proposed half day Loch Etive trip ring Chris to book.
Tuesday 16th April: Currently all trips available.
Wednesday 17th April: All trips available…first to book chooses the trip for the day!
Thursday 18th April: Proposed Creags trip, 2pm departure.
Friday 19th April: All trips possible.
Saturday 20th April: 4 hour Loch Etive trip 10am start.
Sunday 21st April: All trips available.
Monday 22nd April: Creags trip, 12.30pm departure.

Sunshine at the Garvellachs
Sunshine at the Garvellachs

Trip Information: Monday 8th April – Sunday 14th April

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first trip of 2019, its good to be back 🙂

Here is a list of options for next week. The weather is looking good so any of our trips are possible. We need a minimum of 4 people to go, but even if you are a single traveller or two people please give us a call or message us as we may have others waiting …

Monday 8th April: 2 Hour Creags trip – 3pm departure.
Tuesday 9th April: Sorry no trips today.
Wednesday 10th April: Private Charter.
Thursday 11th April: Half day Loch Etive trip (4 hours) – 10am start.
Friday 12th April: All trips possible.
Saturday 13th April: Currently all trips available.
Sunday 14th April: All trips available…first to book chooses the trip for the day!


Seals at the Creags
Seals at the Creags




We are back in the water today after our engine refit and ready for action 🙂

Looking forward to welcoming our first customers tomorrow.

Will post details of next weeks trips on Sunday.

Etive Explorer ready for 2019 Season
Etive Explorer





UPDATE: End of Season

We had our last trip of the year on Sunday up Loch Etive with bright winter sunshine, fantastic views and so peaceful.

The boat comes out of the water today for the winter, we will be back ready for trips again in late March 2019.

Thanks to our regular customers for your continued support and to our new customers for choosing to take a trip with us this year. Hope to see you all again soon.

Best wishes from all at Etive Boat Trips 🙂

Loch Etive by Etive Boat Trips
Our last trip of the year.
Trilleachan Slabs
Trilleachan Slabs

Trip Information: Monday 12th – Sunday 18th November

We have a private charter for much of the week but can fit in a few trips weather permitting 🙂
It could be your last chance this year as the boat is due to come out the water soon…..

Monday 12th: Private Charter sorry no trips 🙁
Tuesday 13th: Private Charter.
Wednesday 14th: Private Charter.
Thursday 15th: Private Charter.
Friday 16th: Loch Etive trips only today, full or half day option.
Saturday 17th: Half Day Loch Etive trip only.
Sunday 18th: Half Day Loch Etive Trip, 10am start.

Etive Explorer at Connel Bridge

Etive Explorer at Connel Bridge

Trip Information: Monday 5th – Sunday 11th November

We are still in the water and available for trips this week. The weather is a bit mixed and changeable so plans may have to change as the week progresses, but here are some possibilities….

Monday 5th: All trips available – where would you like to go?
Tuesday 6th: Loch Etive trips only today, full or half day option.
Wednesday 7th: Loch Etive trips only.
Thursday 8th: Half Day Loch Etive trip, 10am start.
Friday 9th: No trips today due to weather.
Saturday 10th: No trips today due to weather.
Sunday 11th: Sorry No trips today 🙁

Castle Moy, Loch Buie
Castle Moy, Loch Buie

Trip Information: Monday 29th October – Sunday 4th November

The weather is looking generally better for boat trips this week, with the exception of Friday. Here are the possibilities, but as usual subject to change. Updates on facebook as we go through the week 🙂

Monday 29nd: All trips available; Where would you like to go?
Tuesday 30th: Private Charter. Sorry no trips today 🙁
Wednesday 31st: All trips available.
Thursday 1st:  Provisional Private Charter.
Friday 2nd: All trips available. Ring Chris to discuss options.
Saturday 3rd: All trips available.
Sunday 4th: All trips available.


Oban Bay by Etive Boat Trips
Oban Bay



Trip Information: Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th October

We did manage a few trips last week, including around Lismore and Loch Etive. Spotted a Great Northern Diver off Lismore and White Tailed Eagles and Golden Eagles up Loch Etive. This week the weather is quite blustery, so we will be staying in the calmer waters of Loch Etive.

Monday 22nd: Loch Etive Trips only today.
Tuesday 23rd: Provisional half day Loch Etive trip, 10am start.
Wednesday 24th: Loch Etive Trips possible.
Thursday 25th:  Loch Etive Trips only today.
Friday 26th: Loch Etive Trips possible.
Saturday 27th: Loch Etive Trips possible.
Sunday 28th: All trips available, ring Chris to discuss options.

Duart Castle from Etive Explorer
Duart Castle from Etive Explorer

Trip Information: Monday 15th – Sunday 21st October

Here is our timetable for next week. Once again it is very difficult to accurately predict the weather conditions more than a few days in advance so things may change. See our facebook page for last minute changes 🙂

Monday 15th: Sorry no trips today.
Tuesday 16th: Sorry no trips today due to weather.
Wednesday 17th: All trips available, ring Chris to discuss options.
Thursday 18th:  Round Lismore trip leaving 10am, places available.
Friday 19th:  All trips available, depending on weather. 
Saturday 20th: Private Charter – no trips today 🙁
Sunday 21st: Provisional Half day Loch Etive, 10am start.